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#InsteadOfNudesPleaseSend Is Trending On Twitter And The Tweets Are Great

The news every day is mostly depressing or something that will anger us and although many of these stories and injustices do need the attention their getting, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and have a good little chuckle…The hashtag is #InsteadOfNudesPleaseSend and here are some of my favorite tweets I found…

I included this one just so I could be a grammar nazi….it’s “your vote”…okay out of my system

Well yea sure send actual food…pictures of food are just a form of torture…

Hey, practical and you made it rhyme…fancy!

This is a given…pictures of cats are always welcome!

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There must have been some form of sexting back in the day right? Van Gogh did do the whole ear thing…that’s kind of the same.

Good luck with that one man…I’ll also take on of these please and one that’s not from the price gougers would be nice.

God damn it…now I’m wicked hungry…

I could really use one of these too lol…or at least for my blog to get more traffic would be nice…

These days it’s probably much safer up there…where’s Elon Musk when ya need him.

Something all of us could use these days…that and more compassion for and from our fellow human beings.

What’s your #InsteadOfNudesPleaseSend request?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

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Facebook and Twitter Remove a Video Posted by Trump and Some Call It Censorship

President Trump recently posted a video online where he mad some questionable comments regarding the pandemic, the virus in general and whether or not children are “immune” to the disease.Facebook and Twitter decided this misinformation could be dangerous and even cause harm to those that believe it and they quickly removed the video from their respective platforms.

This whole situation has stirred up quite a debate about freedom of speech and just where we should draw the line with it, with many feeling this is liberal censorship of the president while others feel it’s not about politics but more about the general safety of the people that might believe the video’s statements.

Let’s take a look at some of the reactions from Twitter.

Another reason given for the video’s removal, honestly this part doesn’t feel any worse than any other political ad these days.

They even locked the accounts, not sure if this has been undone yet.

Lol when did caring about our children become political…

Yea sure numb nuts punish them for looking out for public safety.

Some people are applauding Facebook and Twitter for their quick action and response to the video.

At least it’s opening up some discussion about the 1st amendment I guess.

Anyone that disagrees with your beliefs must hate America right? seems legit…

It’s a tricky situation because yes you have freedom of speech but too many people just believe whatever Trump says so they can’t exactly allow a misinformation campaign…great time to debate with each other , too bad no one can do that without hating each other.

No one is going to boycott shit, we all need to argue with each other online too badly.

Sure, as you tweet this on Twitter…

What are your thoughts?

Censorship or a good choice by Facebook and Twitter?

Let us know in the comments.

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#DontDoThisAfterSex Is Trending On Twitter And The Responses Are Just What You’d Expect

Pretty much every day there is some hashtag popping up on Twitter that gives us all a little distraction from all the bad shit in the world, today sex is on the menu with #DontDoThisAfterSex and the responses are just as good as you think they’d be.

So let’s not waste anymore time with me rambling and let’s get to the tweets.

Yea man that could get you in some trouble 😦

New meaning to the term “Cage Match” I’d pay to see it.

Some people’s humor is a bit more twisted…isn’t that the best kind though?

Man some people really take life too seriously and suck all the joy right out of it…

Yea I think most of us know this trick…

Guess that depends on who you’re sleeping with.

Eh i know a few women that would think this was cute.

Well hey why not? Gotta re-hydrate after right?

How romantic…

Sounds like a sure way to get castrated.

Yea doesn’t sound like much of an aphrodisiac to me…

What are your thoughts?

What’s your advice for #DontDoThisAfterSex?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

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Why I Hate Being A Straight White Man In Today’s World.

I know the headline is going to rub some people the wrong way so let me start by explaining a few things. first I am not an “All Lives Matter” douchebag, I believe in equal rights for every human being regardless of skin color or sexual orientation or anything else. To me humans are humans and I suppose that’s why it bothers me to some degree that simply because of my sexual orientation and skin color I am viewed as an enemy by many in the black community and the LGBTQ+ community.

Yes I am a white man, yes I am a straight man but shouldn’t I have the right to be those things without being pigeonholed and grouped in with racists and bigots that I hate just as much as anyone? I’m not saying straight white guys deal with nearly as much bullshit as minorities or people in the LGBTQ+ community, what I’m saying is that judging anyone by their sexual orientation or skin color is wrong and incredibly ignorant.

I’m an ally in this fight for equal rights and yet by a large portion of people I will always be viewed as opposing them because of what “kind” of people I am grouped in with…I’m sure there will be some people that read this and just sigh and think I’m wrong but the proof is out there, drama on Twitch, tweets on Twitter and all over the internet you can find stories demonizing all straight white men as if we all share a brain and think the same fucking way.

Racism very much exists in today’s world, The LGBTQ+ community is treated unfairly by so many…all of these issues are very real and need attention but some of us straight white guys are actually on your side and want the same things as you do…Don’t demonize allies and make them out to be oppressors, yes most of all the bullshit these groups of people have dealt with has come from straight white men but it’s not every single one of us so please stop lumping people like me in with those rich white dudes ruining our country right now because I hate them just as much as you do.

I’m not oppressed like the other groups of people out there but I am a bit tired of being hated simply for what I was born as, how is that any better than what we are all fighting to change about this shithole of a country? I’m not proud to be handed white privilege but I couldn’t deny it even if I wanted to, it’s just something that comes along with my skin tone in this country, it’s not right, it’s not fair but I also didn’t ask for it and if I could get fair treatment for everyone regardless of who they are than I would but sadly that is not how the world works just yet…hopefully someday.

I hear you guys, I hear the struggles these other communities of people deal with…If the country was torn in two and into two sides with straight white people on one side and everyone else on the other I wouldn’t even side with the straight white people…I am your ally, stop trying to convince yourself and others that I’m not…let’s just stop all the fucking hate altogether…wouldn’t that be nice.

And straight white males out there, the ones that are douchebags…please stop giving everyone good reason to fucking hate us, you’re making the rest of us look terrible you fucking twats.

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#MyFavoriteWhiteLies Is Trending On Twitter And Is A Great Distraction From The World’s BS

With all the bad stuff that happens in the world every single day, all the depressing news that makes you lose faith in humanity, one of my favorite distractions are the fun hashtags on Twitter and seeing people’s tweets, it’s just nice to see humor rather than constant arguing and hatred.

Anyways let’s take a look at some people’s responses to #MyFavoriteWhiteLies

Yup I tell myself this one at least once a day.

It’s gotta be the scales right?

No shame in that, I think we all do it.

With a dog this cute you almost have to believe him.

Lol yup I certainly did this as a kid.

If she says “I’m fine” trust me she is not lol

It’s great when we can use these hashtags to bring attention to important problems in our society.

This is 100% me.

My anxiety causes me to be early for everything but I do know people like this.

Good food is the one thing I’ll forget my manners for.

we’ve all used this one.

A lie you pretty much have to tell.

Whats your favorite white lie?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

#ruinsummerin4words Is Trending On Twitter And The Responses Are Very Amusing

With Twitter there is always some kind of hashtag going on, some for fun and some for more serious reasons but with all the BS going on in the world I figured I’d cover something that might be a bit of both.

So let’s see how Twitter users are responding to the #ruinsummerin4words trend.

Pretty much sums it up…

Most responses are Covid related…good reason why I suppose

That would ruin much more than just the summer…

It’s Winter that I’m dreading…

I’m no fan of the man but isn’t wishing death on anyone kind of harsh??

The way things are going I wouldn’t doubt it.

little early to let that bother us.

Would certainly ruin some people’s summers

Same idiots that wonder why the virus isn’t gone yet…

I think 2020 was ruined long ago

Seems to be a trend with this…

Right! Can this year be over already please.

What are your thoughts? What ruined summer for you or are you having a great one?

Let us know in the comments.

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A Photo Of Mark Zuckerberg Surfing Is Trending On Twitter And It’s Hilarious

Mark Zuckerberg

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this one, A photo of Mark Zuckerberg surfing has surfaced and sprung life into some of the best memes I’ve seen in a while, The best way to report on this I guess, would be to just share some of the great tweets out there today.


He is looking a bit pale…


Hoping this article might minimize that last kind of person a bit…


He certainly used enough sunscreen…


Who knew Zuck had that junk in the trunk…


Seems legit…


You put Robin Williams in a meme and you got me laughing already…


Eh I like weird people but maybe that’s because I’m weird…


He is very android like…


But all jokes aside, sunblock is important, be safe out there guys and enjoy your summer πŸ™‚

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#NotMychild Is Trending and Here’s What Twitter Users Have To Say about Sending Their Kids Back To School.

with the school year quickly approaching and President Trump pushing hard for schools to reopen lots of parents have strong feelings one way or the other about the matter. Let’s check out some of the tweets popping up over this one.

It’ll probably look worse knowing the White house…

Extremely valid point…

In some areas, like where I live, there just isn’t internet available regardless of if you can afford it or not, best you can get for speeds where I live is around 1.5 Mbps…it’s an issue in this country not many realize exists.

Misinformation is more dangerous than no information.

The words risk and children should never be in the same sentence, our children are much more important than lining the pockets of the 1%. It’s not just about the kids either, it’s about who those children might bring a sickness home to.

Even people who are not parents should want to protect our children, they’re the future of this planet not us.

The wrong people may just be making decisions about what is best for YOUR child.

What are your thoughts? Will you be sending your kid back to school if it’s open?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

Blizzard’s Overwatch Takes Cosmetic Noose Out Of The Game

The world we live in today is making it clear that there is no room at all for racism in our society and little by little we’re seeing racism that has flown under the radar finally reaching the spotlight in some cases, such as the Washington Redkin’s situation and now with Blizzard’s Overwatch. you are able to paint a symbol on the walls while in matches and one of those symbols was a noose. The character McCree has had his noose symbol replaced with a horseshoe which reads “bad luck” on it. I think this is a great move by Blizzard as even if it was never meant in a racist way it is being used that way by many players. so how’s Twitter reacting to the news? Let’s take a look.

Here’s the patch that made the change along with other changes.

Before and after…

Agreed, regardless of how it was meant to be taken that is not how everyone sees it.

But some people feel it was a bit much.

Fair point as League of Legends just recently had their own controversy over police skins. Read about it here http://listerzine.com/2020/07/06/cloud9-employee-calls-players-racist-for-using-police-skin-in-league-of-legendsex-employee/

Blizzard hasn’t had much to say on the matter, which is probably the smart move right now.

But some people have a lot to say on the matter…

That’s about all there is on it so far.

What are your thoughts? did blizzard do the right thing? should they take out the police skins as well?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

Nick Cannon Makes Controversial Statements and Gets Canceled

With the term “Damn Nick” trending on Twitter some people might be wondering why. Well it is to do with statements Nick Cannon made on his radio show. He went a bit of a rant about melanin and how people lacking it lack compassion and are “the real savages”. The backlash from his comments lost him his job on Wild n’ Out. The reactions are mixed on Twitter but what really gets to me is the people supporting him and his comments. I have never been anything but an ally in the fight against racism, I’m a 41 year-old white man but my family is a real American family, a bit of a melting pot basically…To see POC agree with Nick Cannon that basically all white people are evil and less than because of the color of our skin…This whole thing really pisses me off because I don’t have a racist bone in my body and to be grouped in with racist cops and the KKK and all of that just because I’m white is no different than the cops assuming someone is a criminal because they are black…neither is okay and if you agree with his statements you are just as bad as those cops…anyways I’ll get on with the tweets.

If we want to end racism we also have to end double standards.

Really? Explain to me how I’m racist and lack compassion because my ancestors owned slaves…or explain how I’m a savage because I lack Melanin

Referring to any group of people as savages based solely on the color of their skin is wrong…two wrongs don’t make a right.

Wondering the same thing as I sit here and eat peanut butter cups…savagely of course.

Agreed, he even went after Jewish people…they’ve dealt with their own atrocities throughout history, maybe leave them out of your racist rants.

Yes freedom of speech exists but not freedom of penalties for that speech…

Freedom of speech not freedom of consequences for that speech.

Sad to think that POC sit around and say this type of stuff all the time…

Except calling all white people and Jews isn’t a truth at all…

Agreed very stupid indeed.

Upset to discover today that a lot of POC think all white people are just like Donald Trump…

Here’s the blatantly racist clip that started it all…

That’s where I’m going to leave things off because the more I read these comments the less faith I have in humanity as a whole.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.