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People Are Sharing Their Love For The PSP on Twitter And The Memories Will Get You Right In The Feels

The PlayStation Portable or the PSP was released in 2005 and was Sony’s entry into the portable gaming world. It was available for around 10 years and sold 80 million units and was replaced by the PlayStation Vita. With shipments of PSPs ending in 2014 it’s had just enough time now that there’s nostalgia around it and people are remembering why they loved it today on Twitter. So let’s take a look at what some people are saying about it and some of the memories people have of it.

Lots of people feel the PSP was the best of the portable systems back then.

People are sharing their favorite games for the PSP.

It was pretty great but was it the best ever?

It had many, many uses.

Not everyone agrees that it was the best ever.

Right there with ya.

There really was a ton of great games for it.

Even more great games and portable systems aren’t typically known for a large library of good games.

Agreed, The Vita wasn’t great at all compared to the PSP.

What are your thoughts? Do you love the PSP? Do you own one or did you used to?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

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Ghost of Tsushima Is Finally Here And It Looks Stunning.

The action adventure game Ghost of Tsushima was released today and seems to be getting a lot of positive attention. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony the game takes you on a journey through Japan in 1274 during the first Mongol invasion and puts you in the role of a samurai named Jin Sakai who is one of the last remaining samurai left.

This isn’t so much a review as I have not played the game yet, although I do plan to eventually but seeing the response on Twitter and the beautiful screenshots people are sharing from the breathtaking in-game world I just wanted to take part in spreading the word about what so far sounds and looks like a fantastic game.

Here’s what people on Twitter have been sharing about the game.

Here’s the official tweet from PlayStation

People are sharing some of the breathtaking atmosphere from the game…just the rain and wind here are amazing!

Here a player shows the starry night sky, I wonder if it’s accurate to real life.

This is some of the nicest shadows I’ve ever seen in a game.

People seem to be loving so much about the game.

This sunset is stunning.

Seriously look at how beautiful this is!

And there’s a little fox too! Bonus.

When a game is so stunning that it distracts players from playing it then you know you’ve done something right.

What are your thoughts on the game? Have you started playing it yet or do you plan to soon?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

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