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PlayStation 4 Release Schedule for August 2020

With the summer quickly coming to an end and the colder temps just around the corner, not to mention lots of people still social distancing, people will need some new entertainment to keep them busy and the August lineup for PS4 games looks promising, let’s take a look at what’s coming out in August 2020 for PlayStation 4 gamers.

Fall Guys (August 4th)

Releasing tomorrow is the Action Party platformer Fall Guys, an online party game with up to 60 players that pits you against not only other players but against what can best be described as obstacle courses. The game features both competitive and co-op modes and a slew of challenges to complete. with physics based game-play and a ton of customization options it looks to be a pretty fun game.

Skully (August 4th)

Control Skully who is back from the dead thanks to a powerful deity but now that deity’s siblings are out to get you, solve puzzles and avoid obstacles in a multitude of different environments all on your journey back to life. With a compelling story about a journey back to life and to stop quarreling destructive deities.

The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare (August 5th)

A third person online multiplayer shooter that puts you in control of the classic little plastic army men from so many people’s childhoods. Fast objective based game-play in 10 different environments and a large variety of weapons from the M-16 to a Flamethrower ensures there’ll be hours of fun with this one.

Fast & Furious Crossroads (August 7th)

A driving game based on the hugely popular franchise Fast & Furious Crossroads features multiplayer modes as well as a wide assortment of gadgets you can add to your car to mess with other racers, think Mario Kart type power-ups but more based in reality. The game features many different locations from New Orleans to Barcelona and looks to have some promise.

Hyper Scape (August 11th)

Advertised as a futuristic urban battle royal game this new entry to the genre looks to be hacker themed with just enough uniqueness to peak one’s interest. Taking place in a virtual city the game gives you a choice of what looks to be 10 different champions at release and adds hacks to the game-play, which are special abilities you can loot to gain the advantage in combat and it’s also free to play so can’t hurt to give it a try at least.

UFC 4 (August 14th)

EA’s newest installment into the franchise brings back all your favorite features plus adds new venues and Blitz mode, which pits you against other players online in a fast paced tournament. your fighter is shaped by your fighting style and achievements and if you Pre-Order you get access to bonus fighters such as Tyson fury and Anthony Joshua.

New Super Lucky’s Tale (August 21st)

Another entry into the 3D Platformer genre New Super Lucky’s Tale features a plethora of different things to do from 2D side-scrolling challenges to mini-games and puzzles of all kinds as well as challenging boss battles. With a cast of zany characters, a ton of collectibles and secrets galore this one will keep you busy for quite awhile.

PGA Tour 2K21 (August 21st)

Play against your favorite golfers and dominate the sport with all new career mode earning rewards along the way. Featuring 12 top pros and an assortment of world famous courses to play on and even the ability to design your own course with 1000’s of customization options.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time (August 21st)

Take on the role of your favorite cartoon samurai in an adventure that ties in to the series finale of the TV series. Featuring the classic worlds from the TV show as well as some of the greatest moments from the series. With over a dozen weapons and a progression system through training you can play the game in a bunch of different play styles while you stroll down memory lane.

Descenders (August 25th)

An extreme downhill mountain bike game with procedurally generated worlds and consequences to your mistakes. Join 1 of 3 teams and represent them with a ton of customization options, show off your style and your skills.

No Straight Roads (August 25th)

A unique single player game with a couch co-op feature and rhythm based 3rd person combat. Master the music based game-play and adventure through Vinyl City while you battle your way through a flurry of different master musicians as you start a musical revolution.

Street Power Soccer (August 25th)

It may not be FIFA but Street Power Soccer is a unique soccer game that doesn’t try to be FIFA. Featuring 6 game modes including Freestyle and elimination modes plus dozens of characters to choose from all of who you can customize with countless items. So far this one looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (August 27th)

A remaster of a great game that brings some great new features along with it such as updated graphics and more end game content for after you’ve finished the game plus multiplayer mode and crossplay. sure to be just as fun as the original if not more so.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (August 28th)

A followup to the original which was released 10 years ago, the beloved manga finally has a new game for fans in the form of a soccer game. with updated graphics this one should be a blast for fans of the series.

Madden NFL 21 (August 28th)

Featuring Lamar Jackson on the cover this years release of the sports gaming giant Madden franchise promises some new features such as Face of the Franchise, Superstar Feels as well as new game-play mechanics such as advanced controls and Skill Stick allowing for more precision. Expect all the usual from this release plus a little more and order the MVP edition to play 3 days early.

Project CARS 3 (August 28th)

The third installment in the franchise looks to be just as good if not better than the past couple. With a in depth career mode, multiplayer modes and special community modes it’s sure to give you something to do for awhile. with over 200 Elite-brand cars to choose from and over 120 course layouts spanning the globe you may never run out of things to do.

Wasteland 3 (August 28th)

A post apocalyptic role-playing game set in Colorado Wasteland 3 features turn based combat with an isometric view as well as multiplayer and cooperative modes. Play as the last surviving ranger of an elite squad and avenge your fallen teammates.

Windbound (August 28th)

A unique exploration and survival game Windbound will have you exploring ,crafting and struggling for survival on a variety of islands and your trusty boat. I really love the artistic style in this game and am looking forward to trying it out.

There are a ton of options for games to play this month in all different genres.

What will you be playing in August?

Let us know in the comments 🙂

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The Last of Us 2 an Honest Review(SPOILERS)

It’s been a 7 year wait but fans have finally got the chance to experience the sequel to the masterpiece of a game The Last of Us and opinions have been divisive to say the least. Critics and fans alike seem to be impressed with the gameplay, graphics and overall atmosphere of the game but the story and the fate of certain characters has many people upset. Some of the reason people give for being disappointed in the game are very valid, others…well not so much…As a huge fan of the first game I really wanted to go in depth and talk about why, although not a perfect game by any means, The Last of Us 2 is not the total shit show everyone is making it out to be.

I suppose I’ll start with the aspect of the game that most people were relatively happy with, that being the game-play, graphics and overall look and feel of the game. The graphics are top notch and a testament to the PS4’s capabilities and will only get nicer with the PS5 release of the game. The amount of small details Naughty Dog goes out of their way to include is amazing. The animations upon killing an enemy are just plain brutal and practically have you feeling the pain of it and the controls are basically the same great controls from the first game with a few updates to make things even more seamless. There are plenty of good things to be said about the game but most of the attention the game is getting is for things people don’t like about the game, so let’s get into that aspect now.

The story is where many feel the game fell short and I can certainly agree with that to some degree. The main plot point that is upsetting fans is the horribly brutal death of Joel, not only do a lot of people feel they shouldn’t have killed Joel but many also feel they didn’t have to kill him off in the way they did, many people feel they disrespected not only Joel but the fans that fell in love with him and Ellie from playing through the first game. I personally feel his death gave players a reason to play again, before that point in the game you have no clear goal, nothing really driving the story forward, I however don’t agree with how they killed Joel off, he should have gone out fighting as that was the Joel we all knew, a fighter and survivor but Naughty Dog chose to kill him off in a way that very much was disrespectful to the character. I can fully understand people being upset about this but I don’t agree that this ruined the story, not all good stories have happy endings and Joel’s fate doesn’t change the fact that this story was an emotional rollercoaster, it evoked real emotions from us, whether good or bad that is what a good story should do.

Another aspect of the story a lot of people hated was the ending, Ellie with revenge within her grasp, after everything she’s gone through and everyone she’s lost, just decides to let Abby live and walks away from it all. As much as I was looking forward to killing Abby after what she did to Joel, once you play through her part of the game and understand her side of things it’s pretty clear to see she isn’t the bad guy, sure everyone is upset she killed Joel, but if we hadn’t all played as him in the original game he would obviously have been the antagonist, it’s our attachment to Joel and Ellie that has blinded some people and made them miss the fact that this is actually an amazing story, you have two sides to the story, two people that start out motivated by revenge alone, as we play through their respective stories and watch them each lose one person after another because of their obsession with vengeance an ending where they both realize it will never stop unless they stop it makes total sense to me, they each learned that killing won’t bring anyone back and violence only begets violence. I also feel that Naughty Dog left room for another sequel, which I’m cautiously excited for already, maybe this isn’t the end to the story…and that fact gives this ending even more hope.

One other complaint people have about the game is that it’s too focused on LGBT stuff and that Naughty dog went overboard trying to make it an inclusive game, I don’t feel this is a valid complaint at all and therefor won’t be giving it much thought here, you want realism in your games? guess what? Gay people exist in the real world…get over it, there is one gay couple in the whole fucking game and if that bothers you for some reason then the problem lies with you not with the game…grow up or go play Fortnite…so in the end is it a perfect game? not in the slightest and it’s by no means as great as the original but it doesn’t deserve even a fraction of the hate that it’s getting…I’d give it a 7/10 which these days we’re lucky to get, most games that come out these days are incomplete and full of bugs, The Last of Us 2 was well worth the $60 price tag and honestly , you can’t say that about many games these days, so give it the credit it deserves at least.