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PlayStation 5 Released for Pre-order Today And Is Sold Out For All The Wrong Reasons

Sony announced that PlayStation 5 would be available for Pre-Order today and it kind of was…The next gen console sold out pretty much instantly but not so much because of popularity…Almost ever available console was bought up by price gougers and they have jacked the price up ridiculously in most cases.

If you do a search for PS5 on eBay you’ll find many available but they are all ranging in price from $700 – $1000, most in the upper ranges of that. This is all made even worse by the fact that the holiday season is just around the corner and Sony Typically doesn’t do a second wave of shipments for quite a while after release, so these may be the only PlayStation 5’s available for some time to come.

I’m not sure of the legalities of all of this stuff but I do know it’s morally wrong and just plain shitty to do…a lot of console owners play on console not just because they are loyal to it but because many can not afford a high end PC to play good games on but at $300 – $500 for most consoles these days it’s affordable for many…There will be many kids this Xmas that were going to get a PS5 and now will not…it’s a shame that Sony allows this to happen, they should allow a few weeks for individuals to buy before they allow bulk retail orders so that this will not happen.

There’s not a whole lot that we as gamers can do to stand up to this kind of bullshit other than just not buy the console….how nice would it feel to know one of these assholes got stuck with 5000 PS5s that they can’t get rid of…so as gamers we need to put our feet down on this one and refuse to give in to these inflated prices…fight the urge to buy them, we’ve waited years for this console we can wait a little longer…

What are your thoughts?

Are these guys rotten human beings or is this just how it goes now?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

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Sony Announces Release Date and Price Of PlayStation 5

Bloomberg reported today that Sony announced a price range and release window for the next-gen console PlayStation 5, people have been wondering if Sony would be able to compete with Microsoft in price and it’s looking like they just may.

They are releasing the console on November 12, in plenty of time for the holiday season and it will be selling for $500, although you can get yourself a digital only version for $400.

Now gamers have pretty much all the info they need to decide which console they’re going with this time around, although I’m sure PC gamers are watching and laughing at us console junkies, but hey, you love what you love and I myself have been a PlayStation guy for the past two generations…but I have love for Xbox too and if circumstances allow I’m sure I’ll get both systems at some point.

What are your thoughts?

PS5 or Xbox Series X?

Or are you just a PC gamer and couldn’t care less?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

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#XboxGamesShowcase Is Trending On Twitter And Here’s What People Are Getting Excited For

With the next generation of the console wars just around the corner fans are anxiously awaiting not just the release of the new consoles but news of what will be available on them. Microsoft held their Xbox Series X Games showcase recently and people are sharing on Twitter what they are most excited for in the next generation console.

Let’s take a look at what people on Twitter have to say about the showcase using the hashtag #XboxGamesShowcase.

Almost an hour long the official video had lots to share.

Not everyone is impressed but most everyone is excited for Halo.

Other people thought it was a huge success and that Microsoft will clearly win this console war.

The new Fable game was announced and teased and I’m one of many people super excited about it. Had so much fun with the Fable games back in the day.

some people are excited for the new game experiences such as Everwild

I mean you could just own both…right?

Most people agree that there is lots to get excited for by it was no means a perfect showcase.

So in other words, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either.

Really looking forward to the next Hellblade game as the first one touched on subjects most games don’t dare to and they did it very well.

This screenshot alone has me interested in this game.

Darktide is another one of the games really garnering some attention.

What are your thoughts? Was the showcase a success?

What are you most looking forward to or will you be skipping this console this next generation?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

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