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New Hampshire Raised The Smoking Age To 21 And It’s Ridiculous When You Actually Think About It

I’m going to start by admitting that I myself have been smoking for over 20 years now but I also want to make it clear that I am by no means pro-smoking, I would love to quit and I’m trying currently to do so. They are horrible for you and they shouldn’t exist but they do, so of course like everything the government has to stick their nose into it.

On the September 4th New Hampshire become the latest state to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21, on the surface this seems like a great thing right? less young people smoking can only be a good thing…but stop and think about this for a second, you can drive a vehicle that could easily take lives when you’re only 16 years old…you can join the military and die for your country when you’re only 18…does this really make sense to you? That at 18 you’re mature enough to decide if you should risk your life for your country but you’re not mature enough to decide if you should smoke or not?

There are plenty of things going wrong in this country right now and part of the reason is that most people seem to have forgot or just never knew in the first place that the government is supposed to work for us not rule over every little aspect of our lives.If you’re a legal adult I feel you should be left to make your own decisions, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else then you should be able to do whatever you want.

Your success on self improvement

Yes smoking is bad for you but so is fast food and any 12 year old can go in any fast food joint and buy whatever they want…how is it that we are allowed to make decisions like whether or not we risk our life bungee jumping or skydiving at the age of 18 but we can’t make the choice of whether we take up smoking or not? If they’re going to raise the age for smoking then they should have to raise the age to join the military as well…smoking is probably a more informed decision for most than joining the military is…most 18 year-olds have no clue what they’re getting themselves into joining the military but everyone knows smoking is addictive and bad for you by that age and no I’m not against the military in any way but I have seen through very close friends what the experiences of war can do to ruin a person.

I had a friend that had his shit together, he was that one friend in our group that everyone assumed would just be a success in life…so he’s convinced by a recruiter to join with all these false promises of helping him get a car and a house and blah blah blah…well when he was finally done with his time, he didn’t get help with anything…my intelligent and charismatic friend ended up with a drug problem and dying from an overdose and I at least partly blame his experiences overseas in the military for that…this isn’t to say the military is all bad or anything, I’m just pointing out that the decision to join is a much bigger one than if you should smoke or not.

So please if I’m missing something here and this makes sense to you please explain in the comments because it just seems so fucking stupid to me…

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How Being Mentally Ill Can Leave You Feeling Completely Alone

I guess before I get into writing this story I should probably share a few details about myself and my situation in life…I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder about 25 years ago and am still to this day struggling with that battle. A quick easy explanation of the difference between Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2 would be that with Bipolar 1 you will experience full on manic episodes where with Bipolar 2 you may experience Hypomania but your issues lie more in your full on depressive episodes…So Bipolar 1 has more issues with Manic episodes, I do have some depression issues from time to time but my problems have always stemmed from my bad choices and nonstop battle of thoughts in my mind due to me being manic…because of my thoughts racing constantly I am unable to do a lot of things people take for granted such as drive a car because I can not stay focused long enough on one thing to do so…When I was about 22 or 23 I moved back home with my parents because I wasn’t handling my illness very well and that is where I’ve stayed to this day…So that’s where I’m at in my life right now 41 years old, can’t drive and living with my mother…it’s embarrassing to admit even knowing it isn’t my fault I’m in this boat.

You will see a lot of evidence of my illness in my writing, I may jump from subject to subject or add in things that have nothing to do with anything, when I write I don’t plan it out, it comes from my mind straight onto the keyboard and then onto the screen…this will most likely be much longer than I first expected and I’m sure it took me days to write it because there’s no way I just sit here and focus on writing for all that long.

I guess I’ll start back when I was around 17-18 years old my attendance at school suddenly became non existent, I started making really stupid choices and just not ever thinking of the consequences…it was also the age where I started feeling super awkward around people, at first it was just people I didn’t know well and it slowly over a few years turned into even feeling like a stranger around my own family…I went to a high school called Pinkerton Academy in NH and my grades were actually great, I never had an issue with school…it all came pretty naturally to me but I started to have a real issue with the socializing part of things in my senior year and instead of the school working with me and trying to help me get through my last year, the headmaster Mr .Bode called my parents and told them he thought it’d be better if I just dropped out…So that’s what I did, got a job at Wendy’s and started trying to live a normal life.

Keep in mind that I hadn’t been diagnosed with anything at this point so I had no clue why my life and my emotions were going off the rails…I just couldn’t understand why I was the way I was…it became harder and harder for me to be around people to the point where I could only tolerate it if I was drunk or high in some way and that’s where I leaned when I needed to stop feeling the way I was feeling…I was an alcoholic before I was even old enough to drink

So as I said I was trying to live a normal life, moved out of my parents house and got a place in Manchester NH with my GF at the time and a couple of my buddies and there was a short period of time where I even believed that I could pull it off, I could be a “normal” person but then the night came where I was robbed at knife point…in my own living room…that night broke me for good…shortly after that is when I moved up to northern Maine to get away from everything and try to get better and at first my GF moved up with me and things were good for a while but she didn’t understand the changes she was seeing in me…how could she? I didn’t even understand them…so she eventually left and went back home and then there I was 6 hours away from anyone I’d ever known with just my parents around but it was in that time that I was able to get properly diagnosed and start treatment to try and get better.

It might sound so easy…go to a doctor, get the meds you need and you’ll get better except with Bipolar Disorder that is the furthest thing from the truth of how it all goes down….it is a horribly difficult illness to medicate properly as it pretty much constantly changes and evolves…if you don’t need dosage increases you’ll need new different meds at some point….in 25 years the best they’ve been able to do for me is keep me from getting worse, all the problems I had in my 20s I still have today, I still can’t socialize and as you can probably tell from my writing it is still very difficult for me to focus on one thing at a time…I’m very responsible about my illness, i never miss a dose of my meds, I never miss an appointment with my doctors and yet still it is a battle I’m losing every day.

Around the age of 25 is when I met my son’s mother…oddly enough we met on Myspace and hit it off immediately…the first time I met her in person was a game changer for me…I didn’t feel awkward around her, I felt as if I’d known her my whole life, I hadn’t felt this way around someone in well over a decade…I quite literally fell in love with her at first sight…I know sounds corny but it is what it is….instead of feeling like I can’t wait to get away from people and hide out in my own space I actually missed her like crazy when she wasn’t here and looked so forward to seeing her again…We dated for 3 years or so and before I knew it she was pregnant and I was actually super excited rather than afraid or worried…this is exactly what I needed in my life, normalcy and someone who accepts me for me with no conditions put on their love…except the day my son was born something changed in her…I don’t know what happened but that day it was like a switch flipped inside her and from that day on she just always hated me with a passion…so when my son was around 9 months old I woke up in the morning to a cop standing over me telling me she was leaving me and taking my son…I still to this day do not understand what happened and it all crushed me in a way that I’ve still not come back from. I never cheated on her or abused her in any way, it’s just something I’ll never understand.

In the 10 year or so since she left me I’ve had an uphill battle with not only my illness but my self esteem…pretty much secluding myself from the entire world except for my son’s time here with me and my best friend coming up to visit once or twice a year for a weekend…besides that it’s just been me and my parents and my dad actually passed away a few years after she left me so it’s really just been me and my mom…my mom has always been my rock, the one person I can always count on and I guess that’s part of where this overwhelming feeling of dread is coming from lately…you see my mom was just recently diagnosed with Leukemia and was given about a year to live…besides all the normal reasons that kind of news will really mess someone up I also have these intense worries about my own future now that just won’t leave my mind alone.

People don’t understand mental illness typically, friends you’ve known since 5th grade will drop you like a bad habit….someone you love with every ounce of your being will leave you because you had 1 single bad manic episode in 4 years…As I said before I can’t drive, it just wouldn’t be safe and my mom has always been there to help me get around when I needed but now I’m looking at a future where I’m alone and a 6 hour drive from anyone that really cares if I live or die…I’m in a very rural area as well so getting around by foot isn’t possible…as it stands now my two choices for the future are stay put here and struggle to even get to the store for food on a regular basis or move back to NH where my sister and my close friend live and I’ll have people there for me but then I’ll live 7 hours away from my son and hardly ever get to see him…both those choices just fucking suck and I’m really in a place where I have no clue what to do…I’m just fucking lost these days.

So that’s where I’m at in my life…here helping my mom out repaying her for all her kindness throughout my life but knowing in the near future I may just be in a position that I literally can’t survive in…even in the progressive society we live in today there is so much stigma attached to mental illness and that stigma very often leaves people like me out in the cold on our own someday…I’ve come to the conclusion that no woman is going to want to stay with someone like me long term and I’ve accepted that I’ll be alone in those regards probably my whole life but man I gotta tell you…I envy happy couples when I see them together and it does make me miss those feelings sometimes.

I’m a weird person and that’s okay, I write my thoughts to a blog that hardly anyone reads…I haven’t been on a date in a decade…I only have one friend that I see pretty rarely…I guess I’m writing this to say please don’t judge people like me because we’re already judging ourselves so harshly…we’re not like this on purpose, it wasn’t a choice…please remember that in the future and show people more kindness…you’d be amazed what just one nice thing can do to change someone’s day or even life.

I know I rant a lot but hopefully this article is cohesive enough for people that do read it to get it, if even just a little bit.

Tyler Joseph Of Twenty One Pilots Faces Backlash After “Insensitive” Tweet

The front man for Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph isn’t someone you usually hear too much controversy about but he’s facing backlash today due to a tweet he made yesterday in which some people felt he was insensitive to the #BLM movement…I’ll show the tweet below but honestly in my opinion it’s a whole lot of fuss over nothing…he made a joke, it wasn’t racist or sexist…it was simply a play on the word platform and you can tell by reactions on Twitter that many people are angered …here’s the tweet:

As you can see he didn’t reference #blm and was simply making a joke about his crazy platform shoes…people need to chill the out these days and worry about stuff that actually matters…it’s clear he meant no ill will towards anyone with the tweet but people still seem pretty angered by it.

Of course as it always happens with cancel culture in full force these days he would surely have to issue an apology on social media…right? Not so much, although he did have a response, it was more explaining himself than apologizing and that set people off even more…He decided to use his platform to talk about suicide prevention rather than BLM and for that he faced further backlash.

Is Black Lives Matter important? yes, very much so but is it the only thing that matters? not even close, people, even celebrities, have a right to use their platform or not use it for whatever causes they see fit…we live in a society now where if someone donates money to a charity they still get grief for not donating enough…you will never make everyone happy so I’m glad he didn’t even try to…here’s some of his tweets:

Suicide prevention is a very important issue to touch on, especially this time of year with Winter coming soon lots of people sink into depression and need to hear messages like this one. Every tweet can’t be about #BLM and it’s perfectly fine that he isn’t bringing it up.

Everyone is aware of Black Lives Matter, there are protests to remind anyone that forgets everyday…there is room for us to care about other things as well…he did nothing wrong here.

But I guess those 800,000 people don’t matter because they aren’t part of the #BLM movement…I honestly don’t understand why people can’t care about both…it’s shameful to shame him for focusing on suicide prevention rather than the cause you want him to focus on…this is clearly what is important to him right now…so let him speak on it and help whoever he might be able to help.

As you can imagine with the world the way it is these days, people had lots of opinions and certainly weren’t going to keep them to themselves.

He made a joke about platform shoes and then used his platform to bring awareness to mental health issues…you hint at it in your tweet man….most people that “bring awareness” pretty much do it because it’s trendy..if the mental health stuff is what’s on his mind right now, why should he force a #blm tweet just to appease the masses?

Exactly, he wasn’t joking about not using his platform for #blm, he was joking about not using it for any issues at all…then he used it to bring attention to an issue he is clearly dealing with in his life right now…I don’t understand the anger, I really don’t…

As someone who has suffered from Bipolar Disorder for 25 years I find it incredibly disheartening to see that people like myself can’t reach out for help or speak on our issues without being accused of not caring about other issues…it’s sad to see so many people clearly take the stance that people like me and our issues just aren’t as important as BLM…I think there’s room to care about both but hey, maybe that’s just me. It’s hard enough for people dealing with mental health issues to reach out for help, certainly doesn’t make it any easier to see a celebrity attacked for it.

What are your thoughts…was the joke too much?

Let us know in the comments 🙂

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#IStandWithJKRowling Is Trending On Twitter But The Tweets Tell A Different Story

J.K. Rowling may be responsible for the Harry Potter universe that so many of us fell in love with but in recent times she’s also been responsible for some questionable tweets and statements that have caused many to view her as Transphobic. I like so many others do all the time pretty much just jumped on the bandwagon and assumed if everyone is saying it then it must be true but while browsing the hashtag #IStandWithJKRowling today I came across a lengthy statement she made last month and I started wondering to myself…Is she really Transphobic or is she just speaking from a perspective that not everyone can fully understand.

You can read the statement yourself here

I try to keep my beliefs and opinions minimal in my writing and I’ll continue to do so in this case but I will say this much I believe everyone, every group of people should have the same exact rights and rules with no special allowances made for any one group…and that’s all I’ll say about it…With a hashtag like #IStandWithJKRowling trending you’d expect to see lots of people supporting her but the more browsing I did the more I realized it was mostly just hate.

Let’s take a look at some of the tweets and maybe try to understand each others viewpoints a little bit better.

Yea regardless of your opinion of her there’s no reason to hate on a great franchise like Harry Potter.

Think it’s great that instead of hate some are using the hashtag to bring attention to important charities.

A lot of people are using this clip to express that no…they do not stand with J.K. Rowling…a bit drastic but gets the point across I guess.

I wonder how many people just jumped on the hate bandwagon without even looking into the facts of everything…really read the statement linked above before forming an opinion here…it’s only fair regardless of how you end up feeling about it.

Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist is what terf stands for and some feel the term isn’t doing any group of people any favors and just causing division where there is none.

I’m all for equal rights for everyone but it seems to me like feminism has become extremely toxic and exclusionary itself…not all feminism but a lot of it.

Not saying it isn’t true but I looked for quite awhile and could not find proof of any of this anywhere…like I said before read the statement linked above before you make up your mind.

Not everyone is throwing hate her way though…some agree with her views and opinions and feel that her fighting for the rights of biological women does not need to equal her hating trans people.

But your statement is attacking straight women so really aren’t you being exclusive as well? Can’t you all be on the same side?

Yea I feel like they maybe should have used a different hashtag because very few of the tweets express that #IStandWithJKRowling…most actually express the opposite.

What are your thoughts?

Is J.K. Rowling Transphobic or are people misunderstanding her statements?

Let us know in the comments.

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#AbolishThePolice Is Trending On Twitter and The Debate Is Heated

Some people act like police brutality is a new issue while others realize that it’s been a big issue since pretty much the birth of our country and then there are the people in between somewhere and all those people continually clash with each other and with the 4th group of people…the ones who think police brutality and racial profiling aren’t an issue at all. The problem has been brought into focus more than ever this year with the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many, many more just this year alone.

One way or the other everyone has an opinion on this and there have been outcries on social media to #DefundThePolice and now trending today is #AbolishThePolice and there is no shortage of people with something to say on the matter..

Personally I’m not a big fan of police, I got in a lot of legal trouble when I was younger and my interactions from back then left a sour taste in my mouth regarding them but at the same time I don’t see society working out real well without someone to enforce the rules to some degree…I mean look half the people won’t even take responsibility enough to wear a mask…can we really trust people to police themselves? I don’t think there’s any perfect solution here but many people seem to think they know exactly how to solve it…so let’s check out some of the tweets.

Hey as a Gen Xer I’m right there with ya but we can’t call for change without a plan to make it work…and it’s “your reckoning”

Yea I’m not too sure I trust people to just obey the laws and rules on their own but when you can’t trust the police to be fair and just then what is the solution?

I understood #DefundThePolice as less funding to police is doable and possible but I don’t see how we’d ever get by with them just totally gone…

#ReplaceThePolice might work but with who? We need that plan in place first of all.

The latest of many tragic deaths at the hands of police…shot in the back in front of his children…this should never happen yet it’s happening at an alarming frequency in our country now…how many names do we need to attach to hashtags before something changes?

Yea the first step is coming up with a plan to properly replace the police…a group that protects and serves more than they enforce and terrify.

You’d think by now even the racist POS cops would think twice before pulling this kind of stuff…they need to be properly trained to handle these things without lethal force…they jump to using their guns much too quickly these days.

And it’s not just these big stories you’re seeing in the news…this stuff is going on all over the country , every day.

This might be the first actual solution that I’ve seen posted…a possibility of a solution anyways.

What are your thoughts?

Should we #AbolishThePolice or #DefundThePolice?

Let us know in the comments.

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#BackToSchoolIn5Words Is Trending On Twitter And People Certainly Have Varied Opinions

The debate over whether or not schools should open back up has been going on since pretty much the day they closed schools for the summer with some people agreeing with sending kids back and others totally against it. As always Twitter users have strong opinions and like to voice them and with a hashtag like #BackToSchoolIn5Words you know people are gonna tweet like crazy.

So let’s check out what people are tweeting out to #BackToSchoolIn5Words…

Couldn’t agree more with either of those…it’s worse now than it was when we closed schools in the first place…just doesn’t make sense to me.


Wish I had that choice…not only does my ex get all the say in that but if my son was kept home he would be penalized for being absent too much…

Bro that’s 4 words…You had one job.

This seems completely plausible…

If a picture is worth a thousand words then how many words is a video worth…let’s just say 5 in this context I suppose.

When was the internet safe?

Yes it is…very much so…just wish more people realized that.

You’re wearing the mask all wrong…

Sadly this is how many students and teachers must feel right now.

Maybe a bit extreme yet he has a point to a certain degree.

As someone from the Northeast I’ll say this much…It’s not even safe here yet to send kids back to school.

What are your thoughts?

Will the kids be alright going back or should we have waited longer?

Let us know in the comments

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Trump Allegedly Wanted His Face Added to Mount Rushmore According to New York Times

According to a story by The New York Times last year White House aides reached out to South Dakota governor Kristi Noem about the possibility of adding other president’s faces to the national monument..also stating in the article that Trump has dropped hints numerous times about it being his dream to have his face on Mount Rushmore but that’s not what really interested me about this story…I’m more entertained by people’s reactions to it and wanted to share some of the better ones I found today.

So without further delay let’s take a look at some tweets in response to this story…

There’s certainly some degree of Narcissism there, that’s for sure

This is perhaps one of the least surprising things Trump has done but plenty of people have something to say about it.

Agreed it’s a huge improvement…

Hey look his face can fit right there…

With everything he’s done do you really believe he can’t force his way onto Mount Rushmore?

Mount Flushmore….Great dad joke man.

It doesn’t sound to me like they asked for Trump’s face specifically, just for other president’s faces and at a different time Trump had expressed his wish to have his face up there.

Even though I don’t want him to I do agree he is going to be re-elected and honestly it’s only a matter of time until people start calling for Mount Rushmore to be taken down the same as they are with statues everywhere right now…so whoever has their face up there matters very little at this point.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments

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#LetHerSpeak is Trending on Twitter in support of Libertarian Nominee Jo Jorgensen

I’ve heard time and time again this year from person after person that there just isn’t a good candidate for president this year regardless of what your political beliefs are, with many stating they are simply voting for Biden because he isn’t Trump and not because he’s a good choice but perhaps there is another option out there in Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen.

Many people are calling for her to be included in the national debate by using the hashtag #LetHerSpeak and I for one am in agreement, even if you think you know for sure who you’re voting for you should want to hear what all of your choices have to say.

People have lots to say about this subject today with some stating they feel she’ll just take votes away from the other nominees and yet others stating that is just not the case and urging people to #LetHerSpeak and hear what she has to say before making up your minds.

So without further delay let’s check out what Twitter users are saying about Jo Jorgensen.

Strange development with the whole bat bite thing for sure but doesn’t change the fact that we should hear what she has to say…and the two party system is part of the problem in this country as too many people just vote for their party without even knowing what candidates stand for.

Always some conspiracy theorists out there…wanting Jorgensen to have the same rights as any nominee is the furthest thing from a conspiracy but okay buddy…

I’m in agreement on the whole government doesn’t work thing but still seems like a cliche to run on these words.

There are peaceful protests planned to have her included in the debates.

Lots of people like what she seems to stand for but like always with politics there are plenty of people that disagree with her as well.

If we don’t get to hear from all nominees then what’s the point right?

Another choice that isn’t Kanye West? don’t mind if I do…

The sad fact is many people don’t even realize we have another choice, it’s just more reason she needs to be heard.

Voting for someone just because of what party they belong to isn’t the smartest way to handle your right to vote…this is why the 2 party system ruins our election process, hardly anyone votes based on a nominees beliefs anymore.

What if the best choice is one you refuse to accept simply because they don’t label themselves the same party that you do…Don’t be a sheep…take the leap.

What are your thoughts?

Will you vote for her if you like what she has to say?

Will you vote for your party no matter how bad the candidates are?

Let us know in the comments.

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Facebook and Twitter Remove a Video Posted by Trump and Some Call It Censorship

President Trump recently posted a video online where he mad some questionable comments regarding the pandemic, the virus in general and whether or not children are “immune” to the disease.Facebook and Twitter decided this misinformation could be dangerous and even cause harm to those that believe it and they quickly removed the video from their respective platforms.

This whole situation has stirred up quite a debate about freedom of speech and just where we should draw the line with it, with many feeling this is liberal censorship of the president while others feel it’s not about politics but more about the general safety of the people that might believe the video’s statements.

Let’s take a look at some of the reactions from Twitter.

Another reason given for the video’s removal, honestly this part doesn’t feel any worse than any other political ad these days.

They even locked the accounts, not sure if this has been undone yet.

Lol when did caring about our children become political…

Yea sure numb nuts punish them for looking out for public safety.

Some people are applauding Facebook and Twitter for their quick action and response to the video.

At least it’s opening up some discussion about the 1st amendment I guess.

Anyone that disagrees with your beliefs must hate America right? seems legit…

It’s a tricky situation because yes you have freedom of speech but too many people just believe whatever Trump says so they can’t exactly allow a misinformation campaign…great time to debate with each other , too bad no one can do that without hating each other.

No one is going to boycott shit, we all need to argue with each other online too badly.

Sure, as you tweet this on Twitter…

What are your thoughts?

Censorship or a good choice by Facebook and Twitter?

Let us know in the comments.

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Why I Hate Being A Straight White Man In Today’s World.

I know the headline is going to rub some people the wrong way so let me start by explaining a few things. first I am not an “All Lives Matter” douchebag, I believe in equal rights for every human being regardless of skin color or sexual orientation or anything else. To me humans are humans and I suppose that’s why it bothers me to some degree that simply because of my sexual orientation and skin color I am viewed as an enemy by many in the black community and the LGBTQ+ community.

Yes I am a white man, yes I am a straight man but shouldn’t I have the right to be those things without being pigeonholed and grouped in with racists and bigots that I hate just as much as anyone? I’m not saying straight white guys deal with nearly as much bullshit as minorities or people in the LGBTQ+ community, what I’m saying is that judging anyone by their sexual orientation or skin color is wrong and incredibly ignorant.

I’m an ally in this fight for equal rights and yet by a large portion of people I will always be viewed as opposing them because of what “kind” of people I am grouped in with…I’m sure there will be some people that read this and just sigh and think I’m wrong but the proof is out there, drama on Twitch, tweets on Twitter and all over the internet you can find stories demonizing all straight white men as if we all share a brain and think the same fucking way.

Racism very much exists in today’s world, The LGBTQ+ community is treated unfairly by so many…all of these issues are very real and need attention but some of us straight white guys are actually on your side and want the same things as you do…Don’t demonize allies and make them out to be oppressors, yes most of all the bullshit these groups of people have dealt with has come from straight white men but it’s not every single one of us so please stop lumping people like me in with those rich white dudes ruining our country right now because I hate them just as much as you do.

I’m not oppressed like the other groups of people out there but I am a bit tired of being hated simply for what I was born as, how is that any better than what we are all fighting to change about this shithole of a country? I’m not proud to be handed white privilege but I couldn’t deny it even if I wanted to, it’s just something that comes along with my skin tone in this country, it’s not right, it’s not fair but I also didn’t ask for it and if I could get fair treatment for everyone regardless of who they are than I would but sadly that is not how the world works just yet…hopefully someday.

I hear you guys, I hear the struggles these other communities of people deal with…If the country was torn in two and into two sides with straight white people on one side and everyone else on the other I wouldn’t even side with the straight white people…I am your ally, stop trying to convince yourself and others that I’m not…let’s just stop all the fucking hate altogether…wouldn’t that be nice.

And straight white males out there, the ones that are douchebags…please stop giving everyone good reason to fucking hate us, you’re making the rest of us look terrible you fucking twats.

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