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#InsteadOfNudesPleaseSend Is Trending On Twitter And The Tweets Are Great

The news every day is mostly depressing or something that will anger us and although many of these stories and injustices do need the attention their getting, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and have a good little chuckle…The hashtag is #InsteadOfNudesPleaseSend and here are some of my favorite tweets I found…

I included this one just so I could be a grammar nazi….it’s “your vote”…okay out of my system

Well yea sure send actual food…pictures of food are just a form of torture…

Hey, practical and you made it rhyme…fancy!

This is a given…pictures of cats are always welcome! - Big savings on official Steam games

There must have been some form of sexting back in the day right? Van Gogh did do the whole ear thing…that’s kind of the same.

Good luck with that one man…I’ll also take on of these please and one that’s not from the price gougers would be nice.

God damn it…now I’m wicked hungry…

I could really use one of these too lol…or at least for my blog to get more traffic would be nice…

These days it’s probably much safer up there…where’s Elon Musk when ya need him.

Something all of us could use these days…that and more compassion for and from our fellow human beings.

What’s your #InsteadOfNudesPleaseSend request?

Let us know in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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#SignsAliensAreReal Is Trending On Twitter and The Tweets Are Highly Entertaining

The debate of if there is life beyond our own planet is as old as time itself and people aren’t likely to stop the debate anytime soon. Bringing some humor into the debate is the hashtag #SignsAliensAreReal and don’t we all need a little more funny in our life these days?

Without further delay let’s get to the tweets and have a few chuckles together.

Seems legit to me…i mean hell, look at the backwards hat, how can he be wrong?

Errr I don’t think we were talking about that type of alien…

With hair like that how can he be wrong? I’m not saying it was the hair that convinced me…but it was the hair that convinced me.

I think humans have bad comedy covered pretty well…not giving aliens credit for this one.

Maybe they’re watching you right now….

Aww no they are in our money now…quick get rid of all your money, I’ll help you out if you want!

Think she might be from planet Venus…Where you lose your penis.

Maybe more aerodynamic but don’t you lose half your horsepower…see what I did there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now let’s all just forget about aliens….

Check out #SignsAliensAreReal on Twitter for some more funny as hell comments

Do you think aliens are real or just a myth?

Let us know in the comments.

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It Snowed Chocolate In Olten Switzerland Today

The citizens of the town of Olten in Switzerland had quite the surprise when cocoa powder started falling from the sky and blanketing everything in a tasty coating of chocolate…As nice as it would be if this was mother nature’s way of saying sorry for the rest of 2020 the actual reason is a little less exciting. It has also been stated the falling chocolate poses no health risks to anyone.

The Lindt & Sprรผngli chocolate factory released a statement that their ventilation system had a malfunction and caused the cocoa nips to float out into the sky and down upon the townsfolk, not a gift from god or anything but still compared to most of the news these days I’ll take a funny and happy story any day. Lindt has also said they will happily pay for the cleanup but they have not been asked to thus far.

There’s not a whole lot else to report on this one…although I’m sure the cleanup won’t be a ton of fun overall this isn’t that bad of a situation and it’s a nice break from all the politics we are all constantly exposed to…I for one will gladly take news like this over the political stuff every day of the week…

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A Video of Jordyn Woods Getting a Massage Has Twitter Going Completely Nuts

You know what they say “a picture says a thousand words” well the video that surfaced today model/celebrity Jordyn Woods getting a massage has everyone on Twitter saying those words for us…a few words that come to mind might be “Holy Booty, Batman” or “Oh my goodness am I drooling right now?” but don’t take my word for it let’s take a look at the video and then at some of Twitter’s responses to it.

The video that started the fire…I think you can see why.

I’m sure you’re not the only one…


Hey at least he said please….

Wonder if he used the scientific method to come to that conclusion.

she clearly didn’t mind whoever it was that took the video in the first place and can you blame her look at how fast she went viral.

Yea a bowl of oatmeal doesn’t have shit on Jordyn Woods…

Got that right, she knew what she was doing making that video…

You’re seemingly not alone…

As shown by tweets like this one…

I feel like this is exactly how Steve Harvey would look seeing the video.

No doubt this video is blowing up like crazy.

My thoughts exactly…

Don’t even think prayers will do it buddy…

Make it so…

I’ll leave it off here but there is plenty more to see on Twitter if ya want a good chuckle

Let us know what you think in the comments

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#DontDoThisAfterSex Is Trending On Twitter And The Responses Are Just What You’d Expect

Pretty much every day there is some hashtag popping up on Twitter that gives us all a little distraction from all the bad shit in the world, today sex is on the menu with #DontDoThisAfterSex and the responses are just as good as you think they’d be.

So let’s not waste anymore time with me rambling and let’s get to the tweets.

Yea man that could get you in some trouble ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

New meaning to the term “Cage Match” I’d pay to see it.

Some people’s humor is a bit more twisted…isn’t that the best kind though?

Man some people really take life too seriously and suck all the joy right out of it…

Yea I think most of us know this trick…

Guess that depends on who you’re sleeping with.

Eh i know a few women that would think this was cute.

Well hey why not? Gotta re-hydrate after right?

How romantic…

Sounds like a sure way to get castrated.

Yea doesn’t sound like much of an aphrodisiac to me…

What are your thoughts?

What’s your advice for #DontDoThisAfterSex?

Let us know in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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#MyFavoriteWhiteLies Is Trending On Twitter And Is A Great Distraction From The World’s BS

With all the bad stuff that happens in the world every single day, all the depressing news that makes you lose faith in humanity, one of my favorite distractions are the fun hashtags on Twitter and seeing people’s tweets, it’s just nice to see humor rather than constant arguing and hatred.

Anyways let’s take a look at some people’s responses to #MyFavoriteWhiteLies

Yup I tell myself this one at least once a day.

It’s gotta be the scales right?

No shame in that, I think we all do it.

With a dog this cute you almost have to believe him.

Lol yup I certainly did this as a kid.

If she says “I’m fine” trust me she is not lol

It’s great when we can use these hashtags to bring attention to important problems in our society.

This is 100% me.

My anxiety causes me to be early for everything but I do know people like this.

Good food is the one thing I’ll forget my manners for.

we’ve all used this one.

A lie you pretty much have to tell.

Whats your favorite white lie?

Let us know in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

#ruinsummerin4words Is Trending On Twitter And The Responses Are Very Amusing

With Twitter there is always some kind of hashtag going on, some for fun and some for more serious reasons but with all the BS going on in the world I figured I’d cover something that might be a bit of both.

So let’s see how Twitter users are responding to the #ruinsummerin4words trend.

Pretty much sums it up…

Most responses are Covid related…good reason why I suppose

That would ruin much more than just the summer…

It’s Winter that I’m dreading…

I’m no fan of the man but isn’t wishing death on anyone kind of harsh??

The way things are going I wouldn’t doubt it.

little early to let that bother us.

Would certainly ruin some people’s summers

Same idiots that wonder why the virus isn’t gone yet…

I think 2020 was ruined long ago

Seems to be a trend with this…

Right! Can this year be over already please.

What are your thoughts? What ruined summer for you or are you having a great one?

Let us know in the comments.

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A Photo Of Mark Zuckerberg Surfing Is Trending On Twitter And It’s Hilarious

Mark Zuckerberg

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this one, A photo of Mark Zuckerberg surfing has surfaced and sprung life into some of the best memes I’ve seen in a while, The best way to report on this I guess, would be to just share some of the great tweets out there today.

He is looking a bit pale…

Hoping this article might minimize that last kind of person a bit…

He certainly used enough sunscreen…

Who knew Zuck had that junk in the trunk…

Seems legit…

You put Robin Williams in a meme and you got me laughing already…

Eh I like weird people but maybe that’s because I’m weird…

He is very android like…

But all jokes aside, sunblock is important, be safe out there guys and enjoy your summer ๐Ÿ™‚

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#UpperClassInsults Was Trending on Twitter Today and Here’s Some of the Funnier Tweets

If you can’t tell by now by browsing my blog, I love a good hashtag and thought #UpperClassInsults would be a fun one. So let’s get right to it and see some of the knee-slappers i found today.

Sadly seems like something people might actually argue about…

They’re fantastic, just made of plastic…

Aren’t we all just peasants?

Insult or compliment?

Very Upper Class indeed…

One from the late, great Rodney Dangerfield.

Shit, I’ve never even been to Vegas…

and I’ll leave things off with this zinger, If you want a good laugh go check out #UpperClassInsults on Twitter and thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚